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The Core Values of a Wing Zone Franchise Partner

What’s not to love about chicken wings? They’re spicy. They’re saucy. They’re America’s game day go-to food. But when it comes to owning and operating your chicken wing franchise it’s important to partner with a brand that matches your values and your focus on success.

Wing Zone continually delivers quality food and exceptional customer service. But more importantly, we’ve been guided by our commitment to our core values since our inception. This commitment is part of what our franchise partners credit for their entrepreneurial success. 


At Wing Zone, we define Integrity as “Walk the Talk.” It is important for our franchise partners to know that we’re going to do what we say we are going to do. Equally, it is important that our franchise partners match this commitment to the brand and to their customers.

“I think it’s important as a franchise owner that you touch your business every day. I am in my stores every day, making sure things are running smoothly. I think you have to be involved. If you care about something, and you want it to succeed, you’ve got to be involved with it. If you show that and you share, especially with your staff, they will take pride in their jobs, in the restaurant, and it becomes infectious. The rest of it takes care of itself,” said franchise owner Adam Wyatt.

Our owners carry themselves with integrity, not just in the quality of the ingredients we use but also in the work we do, the support we provide, and our one-of-a-kind company culture.

Wing Zone food


At Wing Zone we define Passion as - Be The Best.  Wing Zone’s franchise partners strive each day to be the best in every aspect of their business. 

Wing Zone’s franchise partners are passionate about brand, their staff and their customers. They want nothing more than to succeed in this new chapter of their professional lives. Having a desire to provide quality ingredients to your customers and your community along with your desire to win will make you a great fit. 

“I’m part of making someone happy, every day,” said multi-unit operator Mike Tackett from Lexington, Kentucky. “Every day I wake up, I enjoy my life! I’m ready to come in and work and give customers the best experience they can have.”


Wing Zone’s franchise partners understand that the key to a successful partnership is committing to the Wing Zone way. We define profitability as everybody wins. To be successful, Wing Zone, franchise partners, employees and customers all have to win.

Wing Zone’s corporate team is dedicated to boosting our franchise partners’ profitability. They work around the clock to ensure you’ll never feel like you’re ‘winging’ it from the opening process and throughout the life of your chicken wing franchise by offering comprehensive training and support. Not to mention, our franchise model is designed to scale, with technology and automation built right in. 

Additionally, our franchise development team ensures our franchise partners have a complete understanding of their financial potential. We’re committed to going the extra mile to provide you with a full scope of financial management tools for a successful future. 

“Wing Zone gives you all of the tools to succeed in this business week after week,” said Adam.


Wing Zone’s franchise partners care about their people and their communities. When you join Wing Zone, you’re joining a family that wants nothing more than to see you succeed, see your business grow and provide your employees with an environment where they can make a difference within their community. 

This starts with great leaders who inspire their team to be the best.

“As a franchisee, you are the face of your business. So being out in the community, talking about Wing Zone, getting involved with churches, schools and everything that’s around your store reflects on you and reflects on your business,” said Adam.


At Wing Zone we define Genuineness as - Be 100% Real. We thrive on making things clear-cut and fact-based. Our business is predicated on the input from our customers and franchise partners alike. Through research, sales trends, reviews, and our highest regarded assets– our franchise partners, we strive to have real conversations about how we can be the best partner.

We pride ourselves on our ingredients, flavors, and ability to adapt our brand to the fast-changing quick-service restaurant industry. 

Ready to Own the Zone? 

If you’re ready to take the first step toward owning a chicken wing franchise location, contact us online or give us a call at (855) 928-3580.

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