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At Wing Zone, we can talk all day long about our chicken wing franchise and why we think we are the best choice for those looking to open their own QSR franchise location. We certainly have a lot to say on the topic, but we also think that it can be more helpful to learn from those who have already found success with our company. Many of our franchisees were just like you at one point, exploring our website, weighing their options, and trying to determine if Wing Zone was the best fit for them. Many have gone on to find great success and are happy to discuss their experiences.

Check out what some of our franchisees have to say about their experience with Wing Zone and then visit our Get Started page to take the first step!

  • "

    Owning a Wing Zone franchise has given me the flexibility to balance my work and family life and provide my dedicated employees a rewarding career.


    - Marty Abercrombie Tuscaloosa, AL
  • "

    My favorite thing about being a Wing Zone franchise partner is having the flexibility and tools to grow my franchise. In its category, Wing Zone has the best flavors hands down and the fact that nearly every product can be infused in any of our delicious flavors gives us a unique advantage. I strongly believe and constantly work towards exceeding personal as well as professional goals and expectations, and as a part of the brand’s core values and culture, there is always an initiative to expand and diversify what we offer our customers subsequently resulting in customer satisfaction- the ultimate goal. Owning a Wing Zone has provided me the opportunity to supervise, lead, engage, and interact with a diverse group of young people, an opportunity that translates into me mentoring and motivating them to work towards achieving their individual goals and see success beyond the walls of Wing Zone.


    - Kimika Samms East Meadow, NY
  • "

    I would put our wings up against any other wing concept on the market! Flavor is what encompasses the entire franchise, that's why I knew we'd be successful.


    - Adam Wyatt Louisville, KY
  • "I'm part of making someone happy, every day. Everyday I wake up, I enjoy my life! I'm ready to come in and work and give customers the best experience they can have."

    - Mike Tackett Lexington, KY
  • "Wing Zone is a fantastic franchise, I think the biggest aspect is the quality of food and the customer service behind it. Meeting the Wing Zone Corporate team was a big selling point for us, they made us feel very comfortable and they keep everything to a pace that you're comfortable with."

    - Dave Patel North Myrtle Beach, SC