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Operational Excellence at Capriotti's and Wing Zone Franchises

In the heart of the competitive, fast-casual industry, operational excellence is not just a goal; it's a necessity for continued success. Michael Meche, Chief Restaurant Officer at Capriotti's and Wing Zone, exemplifies this principle through his remarkable journey and strategic vision. From his early days as a delivery driver to leading two of the most promising brands in the restaurant and franchising sectors, Michael’s story is a masterclass in operational efficiency, cost management, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Laying the Groundwork for Excellence

Michael's insights into the essence of operational excellence are drawn from his rich history in the industry, notably marked by his influential career at Papa John's. There, he was instrumental in the brand's growth, illustrating the importance that operations form the backbone of any successful business.

At Capriotti's and Wing Zone, this philosophy has been put into practice with remarkable success. Michael's strategy hinges on the synergy between motivated people and efficient systems. His belief in this synergy, evidenced by his accolade of Regional Director of the Year seven times during his career, is about the collective triumph of teams operating within a cohesive system. “When you have the right people working a system, you're going to generate a lot of positive momentum that continues to build on itself," Michael states. Since Michael joined the Capriotti’s and Wing Zone brand nearly 1 year ago, he has fostered a culture of excellence and support within the franchise network.

Cultivating Relationships for Success

For Michael, operational excellence transcends the business's mechanics; it's equally about forging and sustaining solid relationships. Michael’s decision to join the Capriotti’s and Wing Zone brands was firmly based on both brand’s commitment to quality and people - franchise partners, employees, and customers. Michael’s focus has always been on people, products, and services. His role in fostering deep connections with franchise partners at Capriotti's and Wing Zone is pivotal, ensuring constant communication and mutual support. This relational approach is essential for seamless problem-solving and achieving collective objectives, facilitating a smoothly operating franchisor-franchisee relationship framework.

Embracing Brand Identities with Operational Precision

Upon transitioning to Capriotti's and Wing Zone, Michael brought a desire to emulate his past successes and a dedication to adapt and refine operational excellence to align with each brand's unique identity. Michael’s approach to operational excellence at Capriotti's and Wing Zone is multifaceted. It's about optimizing every aspect of the business—from supply chain logistics to customer service. His experience has taught him that operational efficiency isn't just about cutting costs or speeding up services; it's about creating a system where excellence is the norm - across all franchised locations. This approach ensures that each shop operates at its highest potential, delivering consistent quality and service that customers can rely on.

Another area that Michael highlights to achieve operational excellence is through the power of making decisions that offer long-term results. This principle of prioritizing long-term outcomes over short-term gains is woven into every layer of decision-making at Capriotti's and Wing Zone. Michael emphasizes that “it can be easy to make short-term decisions without considering their impact on supporting long-term success. When we ensure short-term decisions are made in the best interest of our customers - through exceeding their expectations by serving unbelievable food - our model works." By making decisions that protect and enhance the brands' longevity, Michael positions Capriotti's and Wing Zone as leaders in the fast-casual dining industry, capable of weathering market fluctuations and evolving consumer preferences with integrity and foresight.

Harnessing Technology to Elevate Operations

In today’s digital age, where technology increasingly influences every aspect of the dining experience, Michael views the adoption of AI and other innovations not as daunting challenges but as opportunities to boost operational efficiency. This progressive stance enables Capriotti's and Wing Zone to proactively navigate industry trends, optimize operations, and offer customers and franchise partners unparalleled value.

A pivotal aspect of technological advancement is the prioritization of cloud-based technology. The shift towards cloud-based solutions promises a reduction in the costs associated with infrastructure and maintenance and provides a more dynamic and flexible operation model.

Central to technology strategy is finding partners that embrace an Open AI approach. Unlike legacy systems, which often require direct, one-to-one integrations that are both time-consuming and energy-intensive, an Open AI strategy allows for easier integration with new and emerging platforms. This openness is crucial for fostering innovation and ensuring that Capriotti's and Wing Zone remain adaptable in an evolving digital environment.

Data is another critical focal point. In a move to harness the power of data analytics, Capriotti's and Wing Zone have invested in tools that consolidate data from multiple sources into a single, comprehensive view of the business. These cloud-based tools provide invaluable insights into operational performance, customer preferences, and market trends. By making these dashboards easily accessible and consistent across the brand, Michael ensures that all levels of the organization are aligned, measuring performance against the same key performance indicators (KPIs) from anywhere.

The Path Forward for Capriotti's and Wing Zone

Looking to the future, Michael sets ambitious targets for Capriotti's and Wing Zone, focusing on substantial expansion without losing sight of operational core principles. His roadmap is clear—prioritize each customer's experience and the operational efficiency of every location. By emphasizing essentials like people, products, and services, Michael is focused on creating a sustainable expansion model that ensures high customer experience standards for franchise partners to remain at the forefront.



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