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How Wing Zone Franchise Partners Can Grow Their Portfolio with Non-Traditional Locations

While there have been non-traditional formats for the restaurant industry for many years, never before have we seen a market change and evolve so quickly. The pandemic highlighted the importance of adaptation and innovation in the restaurant segment.

Opportunities for “ghost” kitchens were starting to spring up in 2019 but the pandemic forced a major shift in 2020 with not only ghost kitchens but other market changes like virtual brands, automation and more to kick into high gear. Our non-traditional locations such as these offer innovative opportunities for franchise partners such as flexibility and creativity, consumer demand and supportive long-term success.

Flexibility and Creativity

While most restaurants have a public-facing lobby, dining area and kitchen within view, not all restaurants are created equal. Though a typical restaurant option will always be available for Wing Zone franchise partners, our franchise partners can successfully operate in various non-traditional forms.

Ghost Kitchens

The ghost kitchen trend has become an excellent option for franchisees, offering an out-of-the-box model for new owners. No longer relying on foot traffic, ghost kitchens provide a way for franchise partners to focus solely on delivery orders. Whether directly, through or via a third-party delivery service like Uber Eats or GrubHub, ghost kitchens provide a way for communities to enjoy their delicious chicken wings without leaving their homes.

wing basket

For franchisees, ghost kitchen concepts are a no-brainer. This money-saving model is built around maintaining lower overhead costs and expanding the filter for real estate. The ghost kitchen doesn’t need to be in high-traffic areas, and it doesn’t need to have trendy interiors, either. This concept works because it operates with a manageable volume of business for a staff that is purely dedicated to fulfilling delivery-only orders.

With the opening of our very first ghost kitchen in Los Angeles, Wing Zone is on track to offer great food to even more chicken wing-lovers.

Stadium and Airport Locations

In addition to ghost kitchens, Wing Zone franchise partners have the option to open up shop in convenience-friendly locations such as sports stadiums and airports. When consumers are left with few meal options due to regulations and rules, sports fans and frequent air travelers are at the mercy of newsstand snacks or stale nachos.

In these locations, our brand is ready to shine.

Sports fans and travelers are familiar with our brand and know they can rely on these convenient locations to provide the same quality of food as any other Wing Zone establishment.

The same can be said for other convenient locations like college campuses, casinos and hotels. They all operate similarly: expanding an already popular brand while providing the best menu in busy places with few alternatives.

Consumer Demand

Wing Zone guests are always hungry for more! Because the pandemic created a need-it-now effect across the food industry, the demand for our menu items keeps growing.

Consumers have realized that they don’t have to leave the house or get out of the car to get what they’re craving. And with that comes the urge to order more items and order more often.

tv remote wings at home

While the world is working to get back to a state of normalcy, consumer behaviors have changed. Since delivery services have made it so easy to place an order, Wing Zone franchise partners see the positive effects that pandemic spending trends have had on their new and existing customer base.

Long-term Success

Wing Zone franchise partners are already given a leg-up when it comes to their competition. Our brand is synonymous with delicious chicken wings and several sauce combinations. With such a streamlined menu, consumers already know what they will order and understand the quality of the food they’re getting.

Though the name recognition helps with foot traffic and delivery orders, franchise partners can be assured that the Wing Zone team will walk beside them as they grow. The success of our brand hinges on a supportive team to guide and help franchise partners when the going gets tough. At Wing Zone, our franchise partners are always made aware of new offerings and trends, and they frequently incorporate changes into their model.

A clear and thoughtful franchise plan will lay the groundwork for a great business. But continuous support from a franchisor will ensure the best outcome for a franchisee. Wing Zone consists of an experienced team and a knowledgeable network of franchise owners. With a team of experts behind you, franchise ownership and industry achievements are well within reach. 

Contact us today to learn more about Wing Zone franchise opportunities!

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